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A USAW Olympic Weightlifting Club – “It’s You vs. You.”


The purpose of the No Limit Barbell Club is simple: to allow those interested in developing their technique & understanding of the Olympic lifts, the opportunity to do just that: practice the Snatch & Clean & Jerk. 


WHO IS THE NL BARBELL CLUB FOR? Whether you are a CrossFit athlete or someone brand new to weightlifting who needs to brush up on technique or simply love Olympic Weightlifting, the NL Barbell Club is the place for you!!!  If you are interested in....


  • Increasing explosiveness power & speed 

  • Brushing up on your technique surrounding the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

  • Improve your positional strength & mobility needed to perform the Olympic lifts



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Coach Natalie Holovach-Sisk

Cell: (972) 978-6414


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Monica Jerk
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