CrossFit Anthology is affiliated with Cindy Holovach, a Precision Nutrition™ Level 1 nutrition/accountability coach.   Cindy utilizes the Precision Nutrition Formula™ in working with clients.


The Precision Nutrition Formula™ is implemented through Precision Nutrition’s “Five S Formula.”  The “Formula” helps clients achieve goals more readily by breaking goals into skills and skills into practices.  Instead of counting calories, Precision Nutrition™ takes a behavioral approach to improving clients’ eating habits and helping clients take action in their lives, an essential, fundamental skill for making progress.  It is all about eating better consistently.


It will be “simple.”The best practices are small daily actions that can be done in the context of real life.


It will be “segmental,” breaking larger goals down into their fundamental elements.


It will be “sequential,” beginning with the first goal, then the second goal, then the third goal, etc.


It will be “strategic,” utilizing strengths to tackle the thing that obstructs change right now.


You will be “supported” with a client-centered approach that includes teaching, coaching, mentor-ship and accountability.

If you have goals but you aren’t sure the best way to reach them, sit down with Cindy. You’re probably bombarded with conflicting information on the topic of nutrition, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Let’s simplify it for you: the best nutrition plan is the one that works for you. In a nutrition consultation, you’ll have a chance to talk about your goals and assess your current diet. From there, you can discuss about your short, medium and long term options for moving forward.



Most diets and nutrition plans come with a rigid set of rules. Yet, for most of us, a rules based approach to nutrition actually gets in the way of long term progress. The harder we try to be perfect, the less likely we are to be able to sustain the effort, and the more likely we are to fall back into bad habits!

In reality, consistency is far more important than perfection when it comes to long term change. This one of a kind program, created by Precision Nutrition, will help you break out of this rut, transforming your entire relationship with food.

By committing a little bit of time every day to this program, you will learn:

  • How to eat in order to work towards your individual goals.

  • Which habits and behaviors best support your personal progress.

  • Strategies and solutions for staying on track, even when life gets messy

  • Tips and tricks for managing your stress and impulsiveness around food