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1) Wall Facing HS hold + Shoulder Touches (10s + 5 R/L), 3 sets

2) Bar Hang – NO Rotation, 10s R/L – 2X’s each side

3) Dip Support Hold, 10s + Deep Dip Hold, 5s – 3X’s

4) Scap Pull-Up’s, 10 reps w/2s pause in each direction

5) Chin to Bar Pull-Up Hold, 10s + 10s Negative (lower down) – 3X’s total

6) Lat Smash + Banded Lat Stretch

STRENGTH: Weighted Dips, 3RM + Weighted Pull-Up’s, 3RM – 6 sets total

ACTIVE MOBILITY (90s per area)

WOD: Perform the following for total time:

Accumulate 12-minutes of a Handstand hold; each time you break = 200m Run PENALTY


1) 100m Walk

2) Core Work: One Arm Dumbbell OHS, 10 R/L 3-4 sets

3) Foam Roll

4) Single Leg Hamstring Stretch w/Post

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