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1) Double Under Practice

2) Frog Stretch, 90s

3) Barbell Warm-Up (5 reps each)

- Wide Stance Good Morning

- Cossack Squat

- Good Morning Back Squat

- Push Back Lunges

- Jumping Back Squat

4) High Glute Smash + Couch Stretch, 90s per area

STRENGTH: Back Squat, 3 x 6 sets

ACTIVE MOBILITY (90s per area)

WOD: Perform a 15-minute AMRAP with the following:

- 5 Burpees +1 rep each round

- 30 UNBROKEN Double Under’s

**If you fail during the DU's, stop & repeat that round, starting back with the burpees

** SCORE is total # of successful rounds completed


1) 100m Walk

2) Core Work: Accumulate 3-minutes of a Barbell OH Hold (45-95/35-75lbs)

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

4) V Stretch, 2-minutes

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