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1) 400m Run/Jog

2) Bird Dog Variations

3) D Ball Cleans, 3 R/L + D Ball Push Back Lunges, 3 R/L + Bear Hug Squats, 3 reps + 60ft D Ball Carry, 2 sets

4) High Glute Smash

STRENGTH: DBall Cleans, 3 R/L + 120ft DBall Bear Hug Carry + 30s ME sprint, Row/Bike/Ski – 4 sets total


1) Olympic Wall Squat w/Rotation

2) Pelvic Reset

3) Low Back Press Ups

4) Couch Stretch

PARTNER WOD: Perform an alternating 16-minute EMOM with a partner:

Partner 1 Sled Push ME distance in 60s

Partner 2 DBall Bear Hug Squats, ME reps in 30s + Burpees, ME reps in 30s


1) 100m Walk following WOD

2) Core Work: Tabata KTE’s (20s On, 10s Off – 8X’s)

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

4) V Stretch, 3-minutes relaxed hold

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