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Owner, Head Coach


When I coach my sole objective is to be a teacher first. CrossFit changed my life in so many positive ways, so I make it my personal mission to empower others in this same way. As a coach & teacher, I am extremely passionate about, “the why?” The more we understand the reason behind why we should or should not make certain decisions, the more likely we are to actually commit to making the necessary change. Knowledge truly is power; understanding the, “why,” provides the opportunity to create a new habit, build consistency & develop a lifestyle.


  • BA in General Studies (2010)

  • Master’s in Kinesiology, Emphasis in Coaching (2012) ​


  • CrossFit Level I Certified (2013)

  • USAW Sports Performance Level I Certified (2014)

  • USAW Sports Performance Level II Certified (2016)

  • Takano Athletics Coaching Internship (2017)

  • CrossFit Level II Certified (2017)

  • CrossFit Weightlifting Level I Certified (2017)


  • Played collegiate soccer for 5 years

  • Coached various ages & levels of soccer from GA assistant, ODP, high school, club, academy, Coerver skills program for 5 years total

  • Fitness Director for Sting Soccer Club, just prior to opening No Limit CrossFit in 2013 with husband Wade Sisk

  • 5 year veteran CrossFit coach & gym owner

                                                                                 WADE SISK

                                                                                     Owner, Head Coach

Wade Kipping with Hand Release.jpg

I have a strong passion for fitness and teaching people how to achieve their goals. I graduated from TCU with a degree in Kinesiology and a full ride scholarship to play football for the Frogs. During my football career, as an Offensive tackle at TCU, I had 4 knee surgeries, 2 ACL reconstructions and 2 scopes. Knowing how it feels to be out of shape and the work it takes to come back after surgery, I came across CrossFit (Brandt Fitness and Self Defense). I found my love for the CrossFit methods, whereupon, deciding to get my Level 1 CrossFit certification. From all of my experiences (collegiate football, four knee surgery rehabs, 9 years FWISD Physical education teacher, TAPHERD Director of Physical Activity, Paschal girls summer program director, level I CrossFit certification, KIDS CrossFit certification and running S&C classes at River Crest Country Club), 6 years of McLean middle school Track, O-line and D-line coach, owned and operated No Limit CrossFit. I have put together a unique program that has everything you are looking for, and hopefully more.


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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What nutrient-dense food and healthy lifestyle choices can do to optimize health and well-being is something I have been passionate about for a long time.  The coaching aspect and sharing what I know with others is a natural extension of that.  Nutrition is the fitness area in which people need the most help and will see the greatest results. 
The Precision Nutrition™ method is a client-centered, change-based curriculum rooted in daily practices.  Practice builds skill; skill leads to goal achievement.  It is a graduated succession of habits that YOU get to decide how to put into action.  As a nutrition coach, my job is to help you achieve your goals, to do what matters to you in the way that’s best for you, to hold you accountable and to help you be consistent. 
The Precision Nutrition™ curriculum takes it in small steps.  Developing new practices that eventually turn into sustainable habits takes doing whatever it is over and over and over again.  Consistency is key.  Sustainability is absolute.  To a great degree, our bodies are the physical expression of a lifetime of patterns.  As soon as you discover how to recast your patterns, your body will follow.  Focused expressly on the habits surrounding nutrition, the Precision Nutrition™ curriculum is fundamentally a “master class” in habit transformation. 
Precision Nutrition™ likes to say “Food tells a story.”  Very few of us have any real baseline understanding of what works for us in terms of the food we eat.  We don’t really know ourselves with respect to food.  We don’t know our own “food story.”  How we eat, where we eat and what we eat (or don’t) tells a story.  Using the Precision Nutrition™ approach, we can discover your own personal “food story.” 

•    GOOD NUTRITION controls energy balance
•    GOOD NUTRITION gives us nutrients
•    GOOD NUTRITION is outcome-based
•    GOOD NUTRITION helps us look, feel, and perform our best
•    GOOD NUTRITION is sustainable
•    GOOD NUTRITION is about removing limiting factors
•    GOOD NUTRITION looks for strengths and wins
Precision Nutrition™ The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Third Edition


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