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1) Row the following distances using the intensity (pace) listed:

- 60s warm-up Row, 50-75% pace

- 2 minutes of 20s Sprint, 10s Recovery Row Pace

- Rest 90s - 2 minutes

- 2 minutes of 20s Sprint, 10s Recovery Row Pace

2) Crawling & Dynamic Stretching Warm-Up (perform each for 10 yards)

- Tall Bear Crawl (legs straight)

- Low Bear Crawl (knees stay at 90 degrees)

- Lateral Plank

- Crab Walk

- Crab Walk to Low Bear

- Gorilla Hops

- Inch Worm’s

- Spider Stretch

- Cossack Squat

3) Single Lacrosse Ball Series: Lat, Scap/Trap/Pec/High Glute/Hip Flexor/Quad/Hamstring/Calf Smash, 30s per area

ACTIVE MOBILITY (60-90s per area)

1) Low Back Smash w/Double Lacrosse Ball

2) Low Back Press-Up + Perfect Stretch

3) Hamstring Tack & Floss

4) Banded Hamstring Stretch

WOD: Perform the following for 5 rounds total:

Using a 2-minute clock, complete the following work for total reps: - 10 Burpees - 200m Row - Use time remaining to accumulate as many Burpees as possible

**REST 2-minutes between rounds

**SCORE is total # of Burpees accumulated over the course of the 5 rounds


1) Walk 100m

2) Foam Roll

3) Core: L Sit or Tuck Hold on Parallettes (Tabata style: 20s On, 10s Off, 8 consecutive rounds)

4) V Stretch, 2-minute relaxed hold

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