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1) Foot work, 10 reps

2) Clean & Jerk Barbell Warm-Up

3) Tricep & Bicep Smash

4) Front Rack Mobilization

STRENGTH: Clean & Jerk, 1RM of the day

ACTIVE MOBILITY (90s per area)

1) Pec & Lat Smash

2) T-Spine Extensions

3) Barbell Quad Smash

4) Banded Hip Extension

WOD: Perform 2 rounds of the following with 2-minutes rest between rounds:

MIN 0-2: Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, ME reps

MIN 2-4: American KB Swings, ME reps (53/35)

MIN 4-6: Walking Lunges, ME reps

MIN 6-8: Burpees, ME reps

**SCORE is the total # of reps


1) 100m Walk

2) Core Work: KB Bird Dog Rows, 10 reps R/L, 3-4X’s total

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

4) V Stretch

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