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1) Review Rope Climb’s – Practice & accumulate 3 reps

2) Snatch Bar Warm-Up

3) Weighted T-Spine Extensions

4) T-Spine Extension Hold with Bar & Med Ball

STRENGTH: Snatch, 1RM of the day

ACTIVE MOBILITY (60-90s per area)

1) 1st Rib Mobilization & Trap Smash

2) Forearm Smash + Banded Elbow/Wrist Extension

3) High Glute Smash + Banded Hip Extension

4) Anterior Ankle Mobilization

WOD: Throughout the class….Every 2-minutes do 1 Rope Climb until you accumulate 30 reps total


1) 100m Walk

2) Core Work: KB Carry Series – 100ft each (OH to Rack to Farmer), 3X’s per side

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

4) Seated Glute Stretch

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