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1) 2 Rounds of a + b:

a) Hollow Body Hold w/Banded Pull-Over, 10 reps

b) Scap Pull-Ups, 10 reps

2) Negative Pull-Up’s w/Pauses, 10s to lower down – pause every 2s (look R/L & continue to lower down)

3) Ring Dip Support Hold, 10s + Deep Dip hold, 5s – 3X’s

4) Barbell Pec Smash w/Rear Delt Tack Floss

STRENGTH: Weighted Pull-Up’s, 3RM + Weighted Dips, 3RM – 5 sets total

STRENGTH SCALED: 5 Strict Pull-Up’s + 5 Strict Ring Rows – Feet Elevated + 5 Dips, 4 sets total


1) Banded Elbow Bulley

2) Scap Scrub + Lat Smash

3) Hamstring Tack & Floss

4) Classic Posterior Chain Floss (hamstring stretch)

WOD: Every 3-minutes for 6 rounds total (120ft = from gym door to the red door):

- Double KB Walking Lunge – Rack Carry Style, 120ft (53/35)

- Double KB Overhead Carry, 120ft (53/35)

**REST with time remaining in 3-minute interval

**SCORE is the total # of rounds completed out of 6


1) 100m Recovery Walk (immediately following WOD)

2) Core Work: Handstand Hold + Bar Hang, accumulate 2-minutes of each

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area, starting with the back & working down to calf/shin)

4) Static Stretch of the Day: T-Spine Extension Hold w/Med Ball & Post, 2-minute relaxed hold

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