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1) Plank w/Alternating Reach, 10 reps R/L – 2X’s

2) Kick to Handstand Practice, 5 minutes

3) D Ball Clean to Over the Shoulder Throw, 3 reps R/L w/a partner

4) Lat Smash + Lat Stretch

SKILL WOD: Perform 3 unbroken sets of the following; REST 1-minute & repeat twice (total of 6-minutes):

- 20s, ME reps Handstand Push-Ups (Scale: Negative HSPU, Wall Walks)

- 10s, Handstand Hold


1) T-Spine Extensions

2) High Glute Smash + Low Back Press-Up’s

3) Calf Smash

PARTNER WOD: For time, accumulate the given distances for each of the following as a team (teams of 2, one partner works at a time – alternate reps for each exercise):

- Alternating D Ball Clean (throw over the shoulder, 80/60) – 240ft

- Burpee Broad Jumps, 120ft

- Handstand Walk, 120ft total (Scale by doing 10 Wall Walks)


1) 100m Recovery Walk (immediately following WOD)

2) Core Work: Wide Stance Good Morning’s, 12 reps x 3-4 sets

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area, starting with the back & working down to calf/shin)

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