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1) Crawling Warm-Up (5-minutes total) - Bear Crawl Variations (tall, forward/backward, lateral), 2-minutes - Crab Walk (forward/backward), 1-minute - Alligator Walk, 30s - Lame Horse Walk, 30s - Donkey Kicks, 1-minute 2) Wall Walk to 45-degree angle, 5 reps w/10s hold 3) Wall Facing Handstand Hold (only chest/belly touches wall), 10s hold x 3 sets 4) Handstand Shoulder Touches off box or wall, 10 reps R/L x 3 sets 5) T-Spine Extensions w/Double Lacrosse Ball

SKILL: HSPU & Handstand Walk’s - Tripod HS Progression - Kick to HS w/a Spotter - Scaling HSPU (wall walks, negatives, strict w/feet on box) - Scaling HS Walk’s (around-the-world w/feet on box, lateral wall walk)

ACTIVE MOBILITY 1) Hollow Arch hold 2) Lat & Tricep Smash 3) Banded Elbow Extension 4) Frog Stretch

WOD: Perform four, 3-minute rounds of the following: - 10 HSPU - 15 Wall Balls (20/14) - ME distance, Handstand Walk (with time remaining) **REST 1-minute between rounds

COOL DOWN 1) 100m Recovery Walk (immediately following WOD) 2) CORE WORK: Hollow Hold w/Alternating Tuck, 12 reps for 3-4 sets 3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area, starting with the back & working down to calfs/shins) 4) STATIC STRETCH OF THE DAY: Seated Straddle Stretch

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