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1) Tabata Ski Erg, Assault Bike or Row

2) KB Pull Over, KB Halo, KB Bottoms Up Press, 10 reps each

3) Scap Pull-Ups, Scap Circles, Monkies

4) Lat Smash & Banded Lat Stretch

SKILL: Rope Climb’s & Turkish Get-Ups


1) Barbell Pec Smash w/Rear Delt Tack & Floss

2) Banded Elbow Bulley

3) Bicep & Tricep Smash

4) Banded Elbow Extension

PARTNER WOD: Using a partner, perform 3 rounds of the following each:

Partner 1: Rope Climbs, 2-minutes ME reps

Partner 2: Alternating Turkish Get-Ups, 2-minutes ME reps (55/35)

Both Partners REST 2-minutes


1) Recovery Walk, 100-200m following WOD

2) Core Work: KB Carry’s (OH, Rack, Farmer 60ft each), 3 sets R/L - AHAP

3) Foam Roll & Soft Tissue Work, 3-5 minutes

4) Forearm & Wrist Mobilization

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