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1) Tabata Jump Rope (singles, floating single, DU’s)

2) Tall Plank & Side Plank Series

3) DB Shoulder Warm-Up

4) L Sit Rope Pull-Up w/5s hold, 5 reps

5) Lat Smash

STRENGTH: Legless Rope Climb, 2 reps w/10s rest b/w + Legless Rope Climb L Sit hold, ME time


1) Tricep Smash

2) 1st Rib & Trap Mobilization

3) Plantar Surface & Calf Smash

4) Calf & IT Band Stretch

WOD: Perform 2 rounds of the following; complete as many rounds as possible in 6-minutes of the following:

- 20 Double Single Arm KB Push Press (55/35)

- 40 Double Under’s

**Rest 2-minutes between rounds


1) Recovery Walk, 100-200m following WOD

2) Core Work: Weighted Side Planks, 30s R/L for 3-4 sets

3) Foam Roll & Soft Tissue Work, 3-5 minutes

4) V Stretch

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