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1) For 4 ½ minutes total: 10s High Knees/10s Jog/10s Butt Kicks/10s Jog

2) KB Pull Over, KB One Arm Row, KB Halo, KB Bottoms Up Press, 10 reps each

3) Wall Walk w/Pause Each Step + Wall Facing Hold, 10s – 3 sets

4) Negative HSPU (5s down), 5-7 reps

SKILL WOD: Perform the following for 10-minutes for ME reps:

MIN 1-5: 30s Work/30s Rest, Strict HSPU, ME reps (Scale by reducing depth, doing negative HSPU or Wall Walks)

MIN 6-10: 30s Work/30s Rest, Kipping HSPU, ME reps (Scale by reducing depth, doing a HS hold)


1) T-Spine Extensions

2) PVC Pipe 1st Rib & Trap

3) Calf Smash

4) Single Leg Banded Hamstring Stretch

WOD: Perform the following for time; 20-minute time cap:

  • 800m Run

  • 50 BH Strict Press (95/65)

  • 100 KB Goblet Walking Lunge (45/30, 50 R/L)

  • 50 Weighted Ab Mat Sit-Ups (25/15 lb. plate)

  • 800m Run


1) Recovery Walk for 2-minutes immediately following WOD

2) Core Work: Weighted Back Extensions, 15-20 reps for 3-4 sets

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

4) V Stretch (2-3 minutes, relaxed hold)

5) Individual Mobility

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