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WARM-UP 1) 500m Row

2) Clean Footwork

3) PVC Pipe Clean Pull Review

4) Clean Bar Warm-Up

5) Barbell Trap & Pec Smash

STRENGTH: Clean Segment Deadlift w/Jump at Hip + Hip Clean + Hang Power Clean (AK) (1+1+1) X3 reps, 4-6 sets


1) Lat Smash & Rear Delt Tack & Floss

2) Front Rack Stretch

3) Banded Lat Stretch & Elbow Bulley Stretch

4) Banded Hip Extension Stretch

Partner WOD: Using a 20-minute running clock, perform the following for time with a partner:

- Accumulate 100 calories on any Machine (change every 10 cals)

Use time remaining, to AMRAP, “The Bear Complex (135/95):”

- 3 Power Cleans

- 3 Shoulder to OH

- 3 Back Squats

- 3 BH Shoulder to OH

**Rounds of Bear Complex must be UNBROKEN

**One partner works, the other RESTS; score is total rounds completed


1) Recovery Walk for 2-minutes immediately following WOD

2) Core Work: GHD Sit-Ups, accumulate 50 reps in as few sets as possible

3) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

4) V Stretch (2-3 minutes, relaxed hold)

5) Individual Mobility

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