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1) 400m Run or 500m Row

2) Foam Roll (10 passes per area)

3) Forward & Lateral Leg Swings (10-15 reps each)

4) PVC Pipe Arm Rotations or Arm Circles (10-15 reps)

5) Walk Out Stretch Series


1) Wall bugs or Bird Dogs, 5 reps R/L x 3 sets

2) Side Plank Variation (dealer’s choice; 30s hold R/L – 2X’s)

3) T-Spine Superman’s, 10s hold x 3 sets

4) Glute Bridge w/5s Hold at Top, 5 reps x 3 sets

5) Single Leg RDLs, 5 reps R/L x 3 sets

STRENGTH/SKILL (Based on the equipment you have available, choose either the Strength OR Skill programmed below)

STRENGTH: BH Push Press, 5 x 5 sets @ 70-75%

SKILL: Seated Double or Single DB/KB OH Press or HSPU/Wall Walks

- Accumulate as many reps as possible within 8-minutes

- Alternate between 30s of Work/30s Rest

WOD 1: Perform 10 rounds of the following (20-minutes total):

30s Row for ME calorie

30s REST

30s Strict HSPU, ME reps (Scaling Kipping HSPU, Wall Walks or DB/KB Seated Strict Press)

30s REST

WOD 2 (no equipment): Perform 10 rounds of the following (20-minutes total):

30s Sprint/Run (ME distance)

30s REST

30s Push-Ups, ME reps

30s REST


1) 200m Recovery Walk

2) V Stretch (2-3 minutes relaxed hold)

3) Extra Core: Copenhagen Side Plank or Star Fish Side Plank, 20s On/10s Off – 8X’s

4) Individual Mobility (5-10 minutes of foam rolling, soft tissue work & stretching)

Copenhagen Side Plank

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