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1) 500m Row

2) KB Pull Overs

3) KB Squat, Deadlift, Bent Over Row & Carry Warm-Up (front rack squat, KB swings, KB deadlift, KB bent over row, KB rack & suitcase carry)

4) Hamstring Tack Floss

STRENGTH: Superset the following for 4-5 sets:

  • One Arm KB Bent Over Row, 8-10 reps

  • KB Suitcase Carry, 120ft

**Doing both sides = 1 Set


1) Glute Smash

2) Hamstring Stretch

3) Lat Smash

4) Front Rack Stretch

WOD: Perform a 16-minute EMOM with the following:

MIN 1: Front Squat @ 50% of 1RM, 40s ME reps

MIN 2: Pull-Ups, 40s ME reps

MIN 3: Box Jumps, 40s ME reps

MIN 4: Deadlift @ 50% of 1RM Front Squat, 40s ME reps


1) 200m Recovery Walk

2) V Stretch (2-3 minutes relaxed hold)

3) Extra Core: Cauldrons, 10 reps R/L x 3-4 sets

4) Individual Mobility (5-10 minutes of foam rolling, soft tissue work & stretching)

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