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1) 200m Run

2) Jump Rope Warm-Up

3) Sliding Plate Lunge Series (Lateral, Reverse, Curtsey)

4) High Glute Smash

STRENGTH: Superset the following for 4-5 sets:

  • Forward Sled Drag, 120ft

  • KB Front Rack Push Back Lunges, 6-8 reps R/L


1) Quad Smash

2) Frog & Couch Stretch

3) Calf Smash

4) Single Leg Hamstring & Calf Stretch

WOD: Perform 3 rounds of the following using any time remaining to rest; every 8-minutes do:

  • 400m Run

  • 50 Double Unders

  • 500m Row

  • 25 Burpees, -5reps each round (20/15 reps)


1) 200m Recovery Walk

2) V Stretch (2-3 minutes relaxed hold)

3) Extra Core: Toes to Bar or KTE’s, accumulate as many reps as possible in 3-minutes

4) Individual Mobility (5-10 minutes of foam rolling, soft tissue work & stretching)

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